Internet Marketing – How Important is Email Marketing?

Internet Marketing can be done without email marketing, for sure, but can it be done effectively?

The most popular argument for the inclusion of email marketing into your internet marketing campaign is that people do not buy the first time they visit your web site and therefore need repeated exposures.

Is that true?

Let's look at some imaginary numbers, although they should resemble most marginal internet marketing campaigns.

Let's assume you have an average-converting web site, of about 1%. So for every 100 visitors you sell 1 of them.

Let's now assume that you convert your main page to a squeeze page that does not sell, but rather converts visitors to subscribers. Let's assume that with a good offer, you can convert 40% of them to subscribers. This means that instead of 1 sale, you will create 40 subscribers instead.

This means that your break even point is 2%%, meaning that 2%% of your subscribers must buy your product after opting in to your campaign.

My current conversion figures indicate that around 2% of my subscribers are purchasing something from me EVERY MONTH. This means that instead of the 2%% break even point on a one-time purchase, I am converting 2% every month. That means that after 2 months, it is 4%, 3 months 6% … you get the drift here.

How important is email marketing?

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