Invest Smartly!

If we had actually bought gold, we had to invest a sum that is 10 times bigger and made a profit of only 7.5%. But futures contracts have the disadvantage that in case of a decrease in the quote we lose tenfold. Another advantage is that we can sell futures contracts without having the actual gold, if you believe that anticipated market price is too high. However, futures contracts have a high risk just because they are working with a high margin.

A lower risk investment is in securities certificates or the equivalent in gold, in some cases these securities actually having 100% coverage in gold (and in other cases is guaranteed by various financial institutions). Buying these securities is equivalent to buying 100% gold, there are many times can even be converted into gold. The advantage of buying these securities effective against gold is that they are very liquid (easy-to-value) and the amount of gold purchased is less flexible than in buying bullion or coins (eg 15 grams of gold can buy only the amount of money we invested. In most cases these transactions can be made online, being very comfortable and international stock exchanges are open non-stop many times (including weekends), so you will be able to make transactions even when banks and other institutions in your country are closed.

Given that many states have an interest in their budgets to be "weak" (eg a weak dollar against the euro means that Americans are becoming more competitive for export to EU countries that sell their products cheaper and get products in the EU more expensive in the US market) and currency fluctuations have proved to be quite large laTely (the EUR / USD rapport has bounced quite consistently since the beginning of the year) investment in gold can be a good idea, no longer so dependent on the US central bank policy, European novels, which are impossible (or anyway very difficult) to predict. However the gold price is rising (again), which is one more reason to think about such an investment.

So, invest now! Be smart and start making transactions with gold. This is a very good way of making some good money on the long run. You can get help from many places in this matter.

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