New Direction

Today is the day I remove a word from my life that has been hovering over me for some time now "procrastination". No longer will I waste time being so involved with the things of this world. Today is the day of redirection for me, time for me to develop more intimacy with Christ. Yes it nice to come here and share and even socialize, but social networks can also be a distraction if you're not careful. Time is of the essence and the return of Christ is sooner than most think. I need to concentrate more on fulfilling my God given purpose. I need to move forward into the next level of my life. I have been dormant for too long. I can not live in delusion with the mindset of those in the days of Noah who were not watchful and just living for the moment. I have to live like my Savior's return is drawing nigh. I want him to find me and say, "well done, good and faithful servant". I want him to say, "You finally woke up and realized the plans I had for you and began to walk in your destiny and fulfill your purpose".

Social Networks can be a good thing but sometimes they can also be a negative. In order to stay focused on things we are trying to accomplish in life we ​​have to prune our lives of those things that are or have become distractions. I know I have. I truly believe that if we seek the kingdom of God first, and his righteousness that all things will be added unto us. We spend too much time chasing secondary things in life, things that can extremely separate us from the Father, hinder our relationship with him, and extremely our growth in Christ. We have to be careful, guard our hearts, and make productive use of the precious time God is giving us.

Too often we become idle in life, wear our hearts on our sleeves and do not protect and guard them and we fall victim to things that can damage them, and or sidetrack us. The enemy is cunning, always prowling and seeking which he can devour and if we are not careful we can become his next victim. As I encourage you with this statement, I will take my own advice to remain focused and not lose track of my purpose as a child of God. We have to deny self and follow God. More of what HE wants and less of what "we" want. So goodbye procrastination and hello destination. Thank you God for forgiveness, a new day, and new direction.

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