The Corpus – Train Your Coordination, Reaction and Concentration

The Shape of Things to Come

The future of training? Yes, it is a football, but not as we know it. It is the size of a football, the weight of a football, but is it a football?

Well, kind of. What is the Corpus? No, it’s not a circular corpse. The Corpus is a wacky training device that promises to hone your skills. It works similarly to baseball players using two bats in training to make swinging one seem easy, or the generations of the South American soccer stars who learn their skills with a mouldy tangerine or a dead gerbil in the favelas and so find kicking a sphere a total doddle. The Corpus promises to hone player skills in concentration, reaction and coordination, which are three very important aspects in soccer.

There are two different “non-circular training devices”; Corpus I, resembling an oblong hybrid of footy and rugby balls ( or a massive Tic-Tac ) and the pyramid shaped Corpus II, which looks like it’s been run over by Neil Ruddock in his Range Rover. You train with them as normal; the unpredictable roll and bounce forces the player to react differently to what they expected.

The Corpus thus develops control, ball-handling, concentration and co-ordination, improving technique and reactions during normal games. If nothing else, it’s pretty good fun for both kids, adults and players nonetheless. Its usefulness is verified by University of Applied Scientists boffins and were finalists at the ISPO BrandNew Award 2010.

The Rasenreich soccer balls are available online for €95.95 (US$130 approx.). The Corpus link can be seen below.

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