National Basketball Association ‘Hard Court’ Dimensions

‘I love this game!’ This has been the famous tagline or motto the National Basketball Association uses to describe or express how players and fans a like respond to the excitement and entertainment the game of basketball provides. As a basketball enthusiast, one has a tendency to collect basketball paraphernalia from the simple basketball collectors’ cards to autographed jerseys of famous professional basketball players. Basketball’s influence or fad has in a way or another dictated fashion statement with regards to sports get up. Big time sports apparel manufacturers get endorsements from famous professional basketball players. That is how the game of basketball spells the formula in success of its market. To love basketball is to know the game.

The ‘Hard Court’

Watching a live NBA game is definitely one of the best experiences a basketball enthusiast could have. Nonetheless, as a fan, to be really ‘in the game’, it pays to know how big a standard National Basketball Association ‘hard court’ or ‘battlefield’. The area of this big rectangular space measures 94 feet in length and 50 feet wide. The basketball rim or ring stands 10 feet. The restraining circle gauges 4 feet in diameter. The Center circle of the court has 12 feet in diameter. The three point arc’s distance from the center of the basket measures between 22 to 23.75 feet. The shaded lane or the ‘key’ lane measures 16 feet while 15 feet is the distance of the free-throw line starting from the backboard.

Basketball is definitely one of the best sports that explain how winning is defined by team effort, moreover, team game. The usual basketball team is composed of five (5) players on each opposing teams and each player has special role throughout the game. The saying, ‘the best offense, is a good defense’ may certainly work well in prevailing a basketball game. There may be ‘off-nights’ or players cannot get to go with their offensive arsenal, but for sure, there is no so-called ‘off-nights’ in a defensive stance. Plays are executed or being called by their respective coaches greatly depends on the capability of the players in the court. Basketball is also a game of averages-meaning, momentum may shift from one team to the other based on how the game is being played with the plays being executed by the coaches and how players react to the plans. In playing basketball, one has to understand that winning also depends on the ‘breaks’ of the game.

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