Build Trust With Text Messages – How Text Messages Can Make a Girl Like You

Did you know that text messages can build trust in a relationship? Often we think of text messages as less intimate forms of communication. Surprisingly, if you use it right, it can plant seeds of care and rapport that can help build trust and show her that you are thinking about her. Here are ways in which text messages can build trust.

First off, texts show her that you keep her in mind. When someone gets a text, it reminds them of the person who sent it. This has a couple of effects. First, it shows her that you were thinking about her and wanted to communicate with her, which is a compliment. More importantly, studies show that the more we are exposed to someone, the more we are inclined to like them. Even better, if you get her curious through texts, she may even start chasing you a little. This shifts her mentality because, the more she invests in you, the more she trusts you. It’s helpful to think of texts as icing on the cake. They do not build the relationship, but they tip the scale in your favor. By making her aware of you, you become a familiar name in her mind, which always helps. And believe me that these little things make a big difference. One side note is that you do want to make sure she is reciprocating. If her texts are way shorter than yours or if she rarely answers, then you will come across as needy as opposed to charming.

Secondly, texts can create a mutual reality when they are creative. For example, fun texts can offer her memories that you both share together. What is interesting about the mind is that, if you feel a certain emotion about someone, it doesn’t matter if it is made up or not. For instance, joking that you are both going to rob banks together in order to start mischief can create an unconscious bond since she is thinking of you acting together. This “us’ mentality is important for trust since a successful relationship relies on communication and a team spirit.

Finally, texts can help open up her playful side to you. In order to do this, you want to be playful yourself. For example you can text her something absurd such as asking her to send a you a helicopter so you can skip traffic. Making her laugh is the secret to creating comfort. The more comfortable she is with you, the more she will trust you. Try these text messaging tips to get the girl of your dreams! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and text her!

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