Good Nutrition

A lot of people find pleasure in eating. Eating allows you to connect with your family and friends in pleasant surroundings. This connection creates pleasant memories. In social situations it is ease for one to make food choices that may not be conductive to good health.

Hunger is the physiological need for food. Appetite is a psychological desire for food. When the body signals hunger, that is the indication that there is a decrease in blood glucose that supplies the body with energy. If you ignore the signal and hunger becomes intense it is possible to make poor food choices. The choices that you make will determine your nutrition status. A person whom habitually chooses to eat, or not to eat, as a way of coping with life’s emotional struggles may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Once foods have been eaten, the body must process it before it can be used. Nutrients is the result of the processes whereby the body takes in and used food for growth, development, and the maintenance of health. These processes include digestion, absorption, and metabolism. Nutrition determines the height and weight of an individual. Nutrition also can affect the body’s ability to resist disease, the length of life, and the state of your physical and mental well-being.

Good nutrition enhances appearance and is commonly exemplified by shiny hair, clear skin, clear eyes, erect posture, alert expressions, and firm flesh on well developed bone structures. Good nutrition also aids emotional adjustments, provides stamina, and promotes a healthy appetite. It helps establish regular sleep and elimination habits. Contributing to healthy habits will lead you in the right direction.

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