To the One Who Knows You and Loves You As You Are

The world may reject you and pretend it doesn’t know your name, but there is One who never rejects and will never forget your name, because He named you from eternity’s dawn.

The world may think you’re weird and not worth listening to, but there is One who, being the only true Judge, completely gets you and sits on your every word and dignifies you, taking your deepest desire seriously.

The world may be angry with you, and consider you untrustworthy, but there is One who believes in you, that you can still achieve what your deepest heart’s yearning wants to do.

The world may misrepresent and misunderstand and misinterpret you, but there is One who knows all, who knows what you need, how you operate, and what makes you tick, and made you this way.

The world may make you feel unsafe and unsure, but there is One in whom you can be at ease, who provides all, and who always will.

The world may disparage your hopes and plans, but there is One who knows how all plans work out, who would never laugh in your face, who encourages your heart to persist.

The world may whisper all kinds of things about you, but there is One who, by His Spirit, will be honest with you, even rebuking you in all reproving and redemptive gentleness.

The world may look the other way when even as you approach, but there is One who never looks away, who loves you even when you don’t love Him.

Remember there is One who has overcome the world… Jesus.

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