How To Make Your Accommodation Famous In Your City

The first steps to achieve the goal of being known worldwide is to be popular in your country; to be popular in your country you need to be famous in your own city; to become famous in your own city you could do the following:

1. If you have enough money then purchase farmland and transform it into a beautiful park. Give the park the name of your brand. Provide free entrance and advertise it through flyers and ads in your local newspapers.

Citizens will become curious about the park and check it out. They will talk with their neighbors about it and mention your brand name again and again. By offering a nice place in which to relax to your community, your brand name will gain more attraction and your brand image will increase enormously.

The enhancement of your popularity through setting up your own park is worth much more than the maintenance cost of the facility. Think about investing in a park if you have enough capital to start a small side project to gain more popularity within your community.

2. Create a “Jogging Club” named after your brand and that looks pretty exclusive. If you offer “Jogging Tours” through your Jogging Club to your local citizens, you will start binding your local citizens and they will appreciate your service. They will automatically get to know you and your business better, therefore they will recommend you to their relatives, friends and various contacts. Make exclusive offers for people who live in your neighbourhood. By offering exclusive offers to your neighbours they will feel like VIPs and want to become a part of your organization that seemingly grows bigger and bigger. Perhaps the Jogging Club is just the entrance to more exclusiveness and services that you offer in the long run. Let your neighbourhood know about your ideas and services that you want to offer in the future. Also, tell them that people who become a member of the Jogging Club will enjoy some services of the other clubs that you establish free of charge or for a 50% discount (you get the idea).

3. Take the idea of setting up a Jogging Club and use it to set up a Bike and Yoga Club as well. Always name the clubs after your brand so that the brand name becomes increasingly popular.

4. One way to gain huge attention is to purchase a stretch limousine, put your logo / name on it and drive with your guests through the city. Provide a special shuttle service to your guests that they will not forget. Most of your guests have never been in a stretch limousine and so they will remember their first time. Again, you are writing history for your guests. Accordingly, everyone on the street will look at your stretch limousine due to the fact that it’s quite simply eye-catching. There will be some jealous looks as well, but most of the audience will just be amazed by the length of the car. With a stretch limousine you will definitely gain attention and people will start talking about your brand and services. The stretch limousine service should be kept exclusive to guests that booked your suite or a superior room. By and large, keep this service in high demand and as a VIP service. On the other hand, keep your stretch limousine moving almost every day to increase your brand with regularity.

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