Examine The Leader’s VALUES

Today, perhaps more than ever before, we truly need leaders. who possess the highest personal VALUES, and combines that with a well – developed, commitment, to provide valuable leadership, to his organization, and stakeholders. Far too often, we end up (often, after the fact), an individual, who appears to be well – qualified, ready, willing, and able, to make a difference, for the better, lacks the necessary, quality of character, which differentiates a true leader, from a pseudo – leader! With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why constituents, would be well – served, if they considered these qualities, prior to selecting a particular individual, to serve in a position, where they should serve and represent, the organization, and constituents, in the best, possible manner.

1. Visions; value: The greatest leaders possess relevant, meaningful visions, focused on the common good, rather than any personal agenda. and/ or, self – interest! True leaders seek to provide quality, and value, both from an actual, as well as perceptual, perspective, etc!

2. Attitude; attention; articulate: A positive attitude is an essential component, of getting things achieved, as well as motivating stakeholders, to care, and do more! When a leader pays keen attention, to the best, rather than the expedient, and articulates a compelling message, which motivates and inspires others, to caring more deeply, everyone benefits, and becomes better – served!

3. Listen; learn; leadership: Meaningful leadership is derived from effectively listening, and learning, consistently, and relevantly, from every conversation, and experience!

4. Useful; unique: If one wishes to make a unique impact, on those he serves, and represents, he becomes far more ready, and capable of providing meaningful, necessary, useful leadership!

5. Empathy; emphasis; excellence: While many claim to care about others, only when one examines, thoroughly, how an individual proceeds, and whether, he proceeds, with the discipline to consistently proceed, by listening, far more than speaking, he may possess, that rare quality of genuine empathy, true leaders need! Examine how one’s intents, and caring, transforms to his actions, and where he places his emphasis, often indicates, how one will serve, as a leader! Is this individual willing to accept, good – enough, or does he strive for the highest level of personal excellence?

6. Stronger; systems; sustainable solutions: Until/ unless, the main goal of an individual, is to leave his group stronger, when he completes his tenure, than he found it, when he began, he might not be the type of person, to serve as a leader! True leaders perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and implement, the best possible systems, focused on quality, sustainable solutions!

It’s essential to examine a potential leader’s VALUES, before choosing an individual, to serve and represent the organization! Do you believe you possess the necessary traits and qualities?

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