Plyometric Exercises – Improve Your Basketball Performance

Many outside of the athletic field are not really sure what plyometrics are and why they are even important. They are primarily used by elite athletes to improve agility and explosiveness in their sports motion. THis of course is important in basketball because it applies directly to improving explosiveness in your jumping ability and agility. This article is about using plyometrics to improve your basketball performance.

Plyometric Exercise #1 – Bounding

This exercise is performed just like running except with every step you will jump/push off the ground. This motion is called bounding and will greatly improve leg strength.

Plyometric Exercise #2 – Knee Tuck Jumps

This exercise is performed by getting into a squat position but doing it from a standing position. This is performed from a standing position and jumping in the air while bringing your knees up as high as possible. The idea behind this exercise is to only let your feet touch the ground for a slit second and go right back into the motion.

Plyometric Exercise #3 – Squat Jumps

Begin this exercise with you feet planted firmly and comfortably apart. Begin the motion by squatting down until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Then you want to immediately jump up and at the same time raise your arms above your head as high as you can. You ca take a brief rest between repetitions (i.e. 1 or 2 seconds). Then get right back into it while remembering to extend your ankles first right before you leave the ground.

This article has briefly touched on exercises if performed consistently will increase your basketball performance as far as jumping is concerned. These exercises included bounding, knee tuck jumps and squat jumps. You will need to create a plan that will institute these into something you do 2-3 times a week and measure your progress. If you are diligent with this you will definitely find an increase in your jumping ability.

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