Coffee Shop Millionaire Launch Review – Affiliate Marketing and Training Program

Coffee Shop Millionaire currently set to launch February 17th 2011 is an affiliate marketing and training program opportunity created by Anthony Trister. Here is a simple review of the Coffee Shop Millionaire system and opportunity.

Coffee Shop Millionaire will launch February of 2011 and looks to be the next giant affiliate marketing and training opportunity from highly successful Anthony Trister. The total investment of the program will be roughly $ 200 dollars plus an ongoing monthly subscription. For many current affiliate marketers this could be a serious launch opportunity to take hold of.

The CSM training program will consist of similar marketing trainings commonly found within the information products arena. The focus will be through it's much larger and well known JV partners who will take part in the training which will involve how to release an information product, drive traffic to the product and build a list of subscribers. This of course will be a massive learning curve as many of us who have found success do understand.

The affiliate opportunity with the Coffee Shop program will consist of either JV rights, or through being approved by Anthony Traser to affiliate yourself with the new launch product. The Commission will be earning through both promoting and selling the CSM system and compensation from the ongoing subscription fee combined.

The training program and opportunity will come with some support, mostly by phone and of course the occasional webinar. This of course can be comforting to the new individual to affiliate marketing, but it could be wise to partner up with someone else inside the program to get that 1-on-1 attention and coaching that many need to find success online. This particular industry can be extremely competitive, and as you can see on the website itself, there are many solid and successful online marketers already involved as JV partners promoting the program themselves.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a legitimate affiliate marketing training program and opportunity that some could find success with. Remember, it is best to complete your due diligence before joining any program and understanding what you can expect from the opportunity and what is expected of yourself in creating the success you are looking for.

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