Abs Nutrition and Exercises

With the sedentary lifestyle both men and women are suffering from increasing waistline. The junk foods also results in well- rounded abs. To get great abs exercise is not sufficient, need to have proper nutrition and a well-balanced exercise routine. Regular crunches are often recommended, but if we want to have well toned abs, then we have to go beyond the regular core exercises.

Exercise should be complemented with nutritious food. Ensure the food is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins contain amino acid, which is required for building the muscle and carbohydrates provide the energy to do the exercise.

Captains Chairs:

It is a great exercise for lower abs. Need to have chair with hand-holds for this exercise. Stand on the chair and hold the hand-holds properly to stabilize your upper body. Press your back against the back-rest, contract your abs and slowly raise the legs, such that your knees come closer to your chest. When you lift your legs, your back should not be arched. At the same time, do not swing your legs up as it can cause stomach cramps. Gradually lower your legs back and repeat the exercise for 12 to 15 times.


Lie down on the floor and place your hands next to your buttocks. Lift both your legs off the floor and raise them up in the air to form a 90 degrees angle with the floor. Cross your legs like a pair of scissors, bring the feet together and then slowly lower the legs to about 6 to 8 inches off the floor. Cross the legs again and raise your legs up again and repeat the exercise 12 to 15 times.

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