Article Marketing Methods – Avoid 2 Keyword Mistakes For Successful Article Marketing Promotion

Article marketing methods may vary from one article marketer to another. But remember proper keyword research is the soul of every successful article promotion. If you want to find out top 2 keyword mistakes made by some marketers, then read on this article carefully.

All article promotion methods should include professional keyword research.

So Here Are Top 2 Keyword Mistakes Made By Some Article Marketers:

1. Using High-Competitive Keywords.

I always get surprised when I see affiliate marketing articles with high-competitive keywords. It is fool to believe that you will quickly rank on the 1st page of Google with such short-term, high-competitive keywords. Of course, you may refuse that these keywords generate highest traffic. I agree, but at best you can get only a minor part of that traffic, because big competitors have already been on the first page of Google for certain keywords for months or years.

2. Researching Keywords Only on One Tool

To find out the best low-competitive or even non-competitive keywords for your article promotion, you should use several tools instead of only one. So here are my tips for proper keyword research:

· Google AdWords Tool

First I use this tool to find out the most profitable keywords for my affiliate campaigns.

· Yahoo Answers

Then I go to yahoo answers and search for related questions. The most asked questions are usually keyword rich. So I include these keywords in my list too.

· Amazon Products Description.

My third little secret is looking through descriptions of Amazon’s bestseller products related to certain niche.


Just try to avoid the above-mentioned 2 mistakes while implementing article marketing methods and you will see how successful you are with your article marketing promotion campaigns.

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