Best Days For a Woman to Get Pregnant – 4 Tips to Get You Pregnant Right Now!

Before you begin your journey on trying to get pregnant, you need to make sure that you are living healthy. You should not be smoking or drinking. You don’t want to do anything that could harm you or your baby. This will make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy and conceive a healthy newborn baby.

You should make an appointment with your family doctor to have a checkup so you can be sure you are as healthy as possible. The best days for a woman to get pregnant is 14 days from when you have your period.

Ovulation normally last for about 3 days.

1. Keep Track of your Cervical Mucus

There will be a change in the look of your cervical mucus when you are going through ovulation. You can check yourself each day and you will notice and egg white looking vaginal discharge which will show ovulation and this is the best days for a woman to get pregnant.

2. Ovulation Predictor Kits

These can show you the best days for a woman to get pregnant. This test is really accurate in detecting the rise in luteinizing hormone which normally happens 2 days before ovulation.

3. Know Your Basal Body Temperature

You can get a basal body thermometer to track changes in your body temperature every morning that show the best days for a woman to get pregnant. The increase in your basal temperature may be slight but a basal thermometer will show this change.

4. How to Know When You Are Most Fertile

Ovulation will happen about two weeks before your next period starts. This means that if you cycle is 28 days long, then on the 14th day you will be most fertile to conceive. If your menstrual cycle is 31 days long, then day 17 would be the best day for a woman to get pregnant.

You can also get a fertility book that covers a number of fertility issues. You can ask your family doctor about what are the best days for a woman to get pregnant. If you are having trouble getting pregnant do not give up. I want you to be able to get pregnant so that you can conceive that baby that you have always wanted. Good Luck!

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