3 Scary Effects of Alcohol & a Secret Way to Reverse the Damage

Maybe you love to have the occasional alcoholic drink with your mates or maybe you have a more serious issue with alcohol. Pretty much everybody loves to drink and it is fully ingrained into are society as the drug of choice to unwind, relax and loosen up. Most people are also intelligent enough to know there is potentially some very serious long term effects of alcohol, in this article I am going to share 3 of those effects and also let you know about a lesser known way to reverse any damage you may have already done by drinking.

Weight Gain

Alcohol is extremely calorific, due to its concentrated sugar content, and most people who drink it will find that they put on weight easily. However it is not just the extra calories that cause you to gain weight. People who drink a lot often also have bad eating habits too, drinking dulls the desire for good food, and then hits you with cravings at the worst possible times. Eating late at night is extremely common, most social alcohol drinkers like to frequent the kebab shop – usually quite late at night or the early hours of the morning!


Alcohol has a sever dehydrating effect on the body and this of course has an impact on your skin. It can become dull and dry, often giving the alcohol drinker a pale and dried out appearance. Also alcohol shrinks the body’s blood capillaries, the tiny veins that you can sometimes see under the skin, which will then break or burst. This leads to a red coloured skin tone and broken veins, especially on and around the face. The ‘drunks nose’ is certainly not a myth.


Much the same as the capillaries under your skin, the vessels that carry blood to your eyes can also burst, leading to the ‘bloodshot eye’ look. Often times as the liver becomes over used, the whites of the eyes can become yellowish colour.

3 Things You Can Do To Reverse This Damage

Take control of your drinking. Your liver will only be able to deal with a maximum of 1 unit of alcohol per hour. Use this knowledge to your advantage, for every alcoholic drink you have, make the next one non-alcoholic. This will give your liver more time to deal with all the alcohol you are pumping through it.

Maintain a healthy diet. Stick to the basics. Chicken breasts, low fat meats, salads, nuts, vegetables, some good fats like avocados. Try to avoid white carbohydrates and stick to wholegrain complex carbs instead.

Copy NASA. Since the first time NASA sent astronauts into space they have been supplementing their diets with an edible water plant called AFA. Nasa does this to help the astronauts repair the damage done to their brains from the rigors of space travel. AFA harnesses your bodies natural system of renewal to help reverse damage already done and also to maintain optimal health. You can use AFA to help reverse the damage done by drinking.

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