Internet Marketing For Beginners – Make Huge Money on the Internet!

Required to make your website convert. If you are very new to the Internet these technical terms like conversion rates, click through rates and opt ins. Might sound a bit foreign to you. Especially if you are an average Internet newbie(someone new to the Internet) but to most seasoned Internet marketers this is everyday Internet terminology. Basically quite simply conversion rates mean the number of visitors that convert into something else on your website. The sales conversion rates would be the number of people who visited your website and bought your product. So if one hundred people visited your website, and two people bought your product your sales conversion rate would be 2 Per cent.

If you were advertising your product on Google at the bottom of the advertisement is the website link or URL as it is called. If your advertisement was shown on Google one hundred times. And one person clicked on your advertisement this means there was one click through, which took them to your website this would then be a 1 per cent click through rate. An opt in is when someone comes to your web page and gives you your their name and email address usually in exchange for something, maybe a free gift or a newsletter or a free report. Something that your prospect wants. If one hundred people visit your website and 30 people give you their name and email address. This means you then have a 30% opt In rate!

When starting out learning to make money on the Internet, I found a few things out after some trial and error. In actual fact a lot of Internet marketers will tell you to make or create your own product. The problem is for many people starting out on the Internet they don’t know how to write sales copy that converts at 2%, or design their own products, many newbies even though they may think they do, have no ideas of what Internet products will sell.

There are two things you can do, you can do what me and a friend of mine did. You can spend months and many hours of your time preparing and producing a product, trying to produce a sales letter, which doesn’t convert. And then spend 2k on pay per click advertising, only to discover that people do not want to pay for the product. Or can maybe find similar products on another website for free. Or you can do what we have done, And should have done in the first place which is! Find a high converting product with a residual/money making passive income, Which also comes with various back end sales products to make you extra income after you make your original sale.

Let the more experienced marketers pay their power teams and copywriters to do the research for you to produce the product for you that is selling. So what if you get 50 or 70% commission if you are making the sales, and making money instead of selling one of your own products. You can sell 5 of their products and triple your money. My friend you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The only downside of affiliate marketing is most of the time you do not get to keep the list.

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