Marketing Your Direct Sales Business

Marketing your direct sales business is one of the most important steps to success. After all, if you do not have customers, you do not make any money. I've provided a few proven ideas that I've used to market my Passion Parties business and hope that you'll have success following these same ideas.

Unfortunately, some of the most effective direct sales marketing methods also take the most time. However, these are all ideas that I've used to achieve great results.

Postcards to Friends / Family – One of the easiest and most productive marketing concepts is to identify your core group of friends and business relationships. Make a list of 100 people that might be interested in your new business venture then send a quick postcard to each one. At first, you're not trying to sell anything, you just want to let everyone know you begun a new business. Then, when you come into contact with these people over the next few weeks you can follow up. Asking "Did you get my postcard last week?" is a great way to follow up without sounding pushy.

Flyers – Perhaps you've seen pamphlets or flyers at the local supermarket or retail store. Most of these advertise vehicles or other items for sales. But, I've had some success by creating flyers with tear-off "discount" stickers that can be used when ordering one of my parties. For instance, create a flyer with 10 tear-off tabs offering 10% off the purchase of any item. Many people are enticed by these discount offers.

Business Cards – There are still a few situations where the handing out of business cards can be a great way to supplement your business. If you're like most people you probably meet a lot of people during the week with which you're unfamiliar. Waiters and waitresses, retail store employees, fast food workers, and other people of a similar job responsibility are excellent sources for both business leads and potential recruiting efforts. Why are these people such great leads?

1. Business Leads – These people often come into contact with thousands of individuals during the day. If you were able to strike up a friendship you might be able to use your new friend as a potential recruiting tool for your business. Have him or her hand out your business cards to customers they're friendly with. Or, just place a table-top card holder next to the register and let the customers help themselves.

2. Recruiting – Many people in the food and retail industry enjoy working with people and are often looking for ways to make a little extra money. This is because, unfortunately, the reimbursement rate for their services rarely matches their amount of work and responsibility. Suggest that the individual call you to discuss how they could increase their monthly income or possibly even replace their current job.

Remember, every person you come into contact with is a potential client or recruiter. Hand out your business cards as if they were tickets to future success and sell the opportunity with your confidence. In no time, your phone will be ringing off the hook with interested people.

As you can see, it takes time to build a profitable marketing program. However, by using the methods I've provided I'm certain that you'll have a successful direct sales business in no time.

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