Questnet Network Marketing Company Review

It looks like the Questnet Domain was registered in November 2000. From what I can tell it looks like their offices are based out of Hong Kong. They are an MLM Company that wants to harness the power of e-commerce and apply it to an MLM Program. The company claims to have had a Three Hundred Percent growth rate over 10 years. Then they added the Personal Development aspect of Network Marketing into the mix, which has created phenomenal growth within their enterprise.

Last year in 2008 Questnet crossed it's 10th year mark as a leader in its field. What makes this MLM Company different from a lot of Network Marketing Companies you might come across, is that they are involved in selling their MLM Products in a wide variety of very popular and highly competitive and of course, very profitable niches. From what we can see this MLM Opportunity is available worldwide. I read a cool testimonial given from someone in Indonesia.

There are a lot of good aspects I noticed with Questnet as I continued my research. First thing that comes to mind is transparency. They are up front about the fact that they have a dedicated support team willing to help anyone get started. They are also very open about the fact that they've dedicated a lot of time and energy to fine tuning a sales system that can seriously benefit anyone who decides to work their program diligently.

Another cool thing is that Questnet gives you a Personalized Website, which you can send people to. I always tell people to setup a website and capture subscribers before you send them anywhere else. I say this as a reminder to make sure you build your business at the same time you build someone elses. You will also be able to login to a Virtual Office, which keeps track of your purchases, decisions and the status of product deliveries.

Questnet does send out Periodical Newsletters, special promotion offers as well as custom marketing materials. The company also offers Network Marketing Training sessions. Their partner who provides this service is called The V. These people are some of the top dogs and leaders in the MLM Industry. This program even allows you to connect with a mentor and will assign one to you to personally work with you. This feature alone is worth a lot.

I must say that lots of MLM Companies I have reviewed in the past end up with pretty good MLM Support, but the problem in the end is that if you have a sponsor who is not doing their job, the only one you have left to turn to is the company or maybe someone higher up in the Food Chain. In many cases crosslines in programs do not share full information although they try to maintain pleasantries in public. And if they can not help you or will not, then you pretty much need to fall back on your skills or pick skills somewhere else. But with Questnet you are guaranteed to connect with someone that's already successful so you can soak up their knowledge.

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