How to Choose the Best Style of Jeans

What types of jeans are there available for women and men? It seems there are so many different kinds of jeans it may be difficult to narrow down the types of jeans you want to buy. This article will help define the various styles of jeans and how to determine which pair will fit your needs.

Originally, denim pants were made for sailors. Jeans were chosen for mates on the ship because of their hardy fibers, they were easily washable and could be worn while wet. Those jeans were made of a much lighter weave than today’s typical brand named jeans. The first denim pants were made in Italy in the 1500s and then later became a staple for the navy. During the 1950s teenagers took to denim pants and they began their upward climb to being the most popular style of pants for men and women, young and old.

Today jeans come in many styles and colors such as boot cut, baggy jeans, flare jeans (bell bottoms), low rise(hip huggers), skinny jeans and denim shorts; among others.

Boot cut jeans have a wider hem which allows for an easier fit of boots.

Baggy jeans became popular in the 90s and are baggy from hip to the hem.

Flare jeans have a bell shape starting at mid calf or just below the knee and flare out to the hem.

Low rise jeans fit low and tight along the hips and are usually tight throughout the entire leg of the jeans. These styles of jeans can also taper to the ankle or fit relaxed in the lower leg.

Skinny jeans generally fit tightly to the ankle.

Denim shorts range from Bermuda (cut to the knee) to short shorts which fit just below the end of the buttocks.

When choosing a set of jeans, be it short or long, you have a number of color and style choices besides the basics listed above. In addition to the style of jeans, the fabrics can have different weaves from thin to thick and soft to hard. Some jeans are sold with a “washed”, faded or even ripped look. These are generally referred to as “distressed” jeans and many designers have their own variations.

Whichever style of jeans you choose, it’s great to know that each pair is washable and brands today are usually preshrunk. Be sure to read the label as there are a few brands of jeans that shrink to fit.

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