Better Penis Health Formula: Red Wine and Juice


Even when he’s just had the best sex of his life, many a man finds himself thinking “That was great! Now what can I do to have even better sex next time?” That’s a testament to the pull and the allure that sex has for men – which has the benefit of making guys keep an eye on their penis health so that their equipment is in good shape for that better sex when it comes along. One option some experts suggest for better sex and penis health is the proper consumption of red wine and of citrus fruits – both of which are tasty options to try.

Red wine? Sure thing!

It’s no surprise that red wine is on the list of things that lead to better sex. Wine itself is often associated in with sexiness. How many rom-coms include a scene with a couple sipping as their bodies relax, a hand travels up a leg, and lips are soon locked in a fervent kiss? The bouquet associated with red wine has a sensual cast to it, and even the color is lascivious, with that deep red bringing to mind heat and flames.

But beyond the popular image of it, there’s a reason why red men is a sex enhancer (for men and for women both). Red wine contains a compound known as quercetin, a flavonoid found in other plant and fruit-based products as well. It’s found in rather significant quantities, and this may explain why red wine makes a man feel sexier. One of the functions of quercetin is to inhibit an enzyme known as UGT2B17.

Why is this good? Because UGT2B17’s function is to get testosterone out of the body. By blocking this enzyme, it helps testosterone levels remain high, which in turn tends to increase a guy’s sex drive.

What about women? Well, red wine also plays a role in making a woman feel more “in the mood.” It does this by increasing blood flow to her erogenous zones.

How much?

So red wine has a libido-enhancing effect on both men and women, which can translate into better sex in many cases. But should a couple chug down a whole bottle just before dropping off into bed?

Probably not. As with all things alcohol-related, too much red wine can ultimately have a dampening effect.

It’s suggested that couple enjoy two glasses each of wine, perhaps one with dinner and one afterward. It’s also thought that regularly having two glasses of red wine has the long term effect of more sexual activity, which of course leads to better penis health.

The citrus connection

And what about citrus fruits? A recent study found that men who eat citrus fruits (including in juice form) tend to have fewer issues related with erectile dysfunction. The reason seems to be the cardiovascular benefits typically associated with citrus fruits, which in turn keep the penis well-oxygenated, thereby making erections easier to come by. Most experts believe just a few servings of citrus fruit a week can make a significant difference.

Some men may find that red wine and citrus fruits are indeed a path to better sex. They will want to make sure their member is poised to benefit from the sex by regularly using a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The preferred crème will contain L-arginine, an amino acid that keeps the penile blood vessels open and receptive for greater blood flow. It’s also beneficial to use a crème with acetyl L carnitine, another amino acid that protects against the peripheral nerve damage that can result from exciting but rough and over-aggressive sex.


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