Storefront Tips

The following tips should help any retail storefront make a pleasant first impression. The look, feel and customer service of a retail store are very important.

  • Greet customers upon their arrival. When a customer enters your establishment, acknowledge their presence by greeting them and inquiring if they are in need of any assistance. Make your customer feel welcome.
  • Ask if the need any assistance or if they are looking for anything in particular.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Do have adequate lighting. A dark and dismal store may be create a depressive atmosphere and therefore discourage customers from shopping.
  • Do have your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature. Try to have your store cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. Customers will not stay not if the temperature is uncomfortable.
  • Keep display areas neat and tidy.
  • Maintain cleanliness. Your store should be clean and have a nice aroma. Try to avoid strong or offensive odors.
  • Don’t play loud or offensive music.
  • Don’t display items out of reach. Displaying items too high or too low may discourage customers from reaching for them or obtaining assistance from an employee.
  • Don’t crowd aisle ways. Allow adequate space between aisle ways. A cramped shopping area may discourage customers from shopping.
  • Don’t under stock or over stock. Under stock appears as if you’re going out of business and over stock appears as if your merchandise is not selling.
  • Say thank you! Each and every customer made a conscious decision to shop with you. Be grateful.

Concentrate on making your storefront a warm and pleasant place to shop. Happy customers often become repeat customers.

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