The # 1 Marketing Skills

In an online or Internet Marketing world, there are many gurus blab about their system or secret formula of online success. They will tell you that if you follow their systems, you will make tons of money. I am sure you've heard all these nonsense before.

If you buy into their programs, you will soon realize that they are all over-promised and under-delivered. You will find what they coined as their secret formula was nothing but a set of rehashed methods that others have already talked about.

There are just too many hype up products with nice names floating on the net these days. If you're a newbie, please heed this advice … "Ignore Them !!!".

While there is a success formula in marketing that works, there is no such thing as the "ONE" secret formula that many gurus want you to believe. What they want is your money!

You see … the success formula in marketing (regardless of it's online or off) always falls into the basic or foundation that so many people seem to forget these days. You can call this foundation the basic skill, groundwork, or preliminaries. Whatever the name you call, this foundation has been forgotten by so many so called marketers.

Without this "basic skill", it's like building a house without a foundation. Your business is doomed to fail without this " foundation ".

This foundation is the skill to identify and research " profitable markets " and this is the # 1 marketing skill that every marketer (online or off) must learn to master. A profitable market is a target area or niche that already have people spending money like crazy !!!

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