Article Marketing – 5 Crucial Steps

Article Marketing is one of the most used strategies online to bring traffic to the website. Many people hire Ghostwriters too write articles for them, however, a few brave souls take up the courage and spend time writing it themselves. Almost anyone accused in internet marketing has written an article and put it on article directories.

However there is a specific unique strategy to do article marketing. As John Reese said on his blog, "When it comes to Internet Marketing information it does not matter if you know a few tricks to get top rankings in Google, or ways to pre-sell a prospect to increase the conversion of an affiliate offer , or a few words you can add to an order form to decrease shopping cart abandonment … The only thing that matters is YOUR STRATEGY. "

So it's all about strategy. If you can follow a specific article marketing strategy, you can use this form of marketing to your advantage. So here are 5 steps to do article marketing:

Step -1. Write at least 20 articles on a topic related to your business in general. For example, if you are an affiliate marketing business, you need to research and gather information on affiliate marketing and write 20 compelling and informative articles that actually give out strategies.

Step -2. Find the most popular article marketing directories like, and Put all your articles there with an intuitive author box. Author box is all about you. Tell them who you are and what you do. Mention or list all your online businesses.

Step-3. Link your website once in the article. For example if you are an affiliate marketer, you can link your website address in the article using the name affiliate or whatever your primary keyword is. This is for link juice that you'll get from Google and other search engines crawling that directory

Step -4. Submit all your articles on each of the top article directories. No need to change your articles for every directory. You can use the same articles on each directory. Google does not penalize you for duplication as long as the article directory has a unique IP address. If an article is duplicated on one site, Google will penalize you.

Step -5. Put the same articles on by creating a hubpage for each article. Do not forget to add your Google AdSense code on all hubs you create – in this case you create 20 hubpages for 20 articles. Similarly, create 20 Squidoo lenses and put an article on each one of them. Put in your AdSense code.

If you repeat this strategy each month or twice a month, you will get good link juice from search engines and people will read your article and know more about you. If you can crank up 40 articles a month or even more, you will be building your online reputation and brand in less amount of time possible. This unique strategy can bring in steady traffic to your site. But remember, it's not about traffic; it's about branding.

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