Top Tips On Making Your Home A Safe Place For Your Toddler

Are you a parent looking for tips on how to make your home a safe place for your toddler? It is important to take necessary safety precautions at home as your child spends most of his or her time indoors. Young children can fall from furniture, in bathtubs, or slip on floors. They can also suffer injuries such as burns or even drown. Read on for some useful tips and advice on how to childproof your home.

1. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

It is important to unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Each electrical outlet that is not in use should also have a plastic safety protector covering it. In addition, do not leave electrical cords dangling down as your child may chew on them, or trip over them.

2. Keep small objects out of your child’s reach

Do not leave small objects such as marbles or coins lying around. Toddlers tend to explore their surroundings and put things in their mouth and these objects can pose a choking hazard when swallowed.

3. Fit windows with grilles and keep them locked

To prevent your little one from accidentally falling out of the window, be sure to fit the windows in your house with grilles and keep them locked at all times. In addition, it is best to place furniture such as chairs and other objects away from windows to prevent your child from climbing up to reach the windows.

4. Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom

It is very important to supervise your child while he or she is in the bathroom. Pay special attention to your child during bath time, and do not allow your little one to play in the bathtub unattended even for one minute. Use rubber non-slip mats in the bath tub and keep the bathroom floor as dry as possible to prevent your child from slipping and falling.

5. Keep medications or drugs locked away

Medicine and drugs should be locked away in a child-proof medicine cupboard. Kitchen and laundry detergents should also be kept away from your child. Some toiletries and cosmetics also contain poisonous chemicals and should be kept out of your child’s reach.

6. Choose your child’s toys wisely and check them regularly

Ensure that the toys you choose for your little one do not have small, removable parts that can be swallowed. Regularly check your child’s toys for sharp edges and loose parts, and discard any damaged toys.

7. Keep sharp objects away from your child

Sharp objects such as scissors, knives and opened cans should be kept away from your child. If your child needs to chop and cut food during meals, offer him or her a plastic knife instead.

8. Turn handles of hot pots and pans inwards

Always turn handles of hot pots and pans inwards. Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and can easily reach and touch hot objects that are on the kitchen stove if you are not careful.

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