Drawer Handles – Choosing the Style Depending on the Room

Drawer handles use to be strictly functional a way to open and close drawers, today they have really become a way to define them and make them pop with designer touches.

There are so many types of drawer handles available now that it literally takes up pages and pages in catalogs. Most home improvement stores dedicate entire aisles to them. They are made from a full spectrum of materials from very simple functional wood ones all the way to very exotic bone. Some are very ornate and have very intricate designs. The handles in many cases really make the piece. There are those that are very simple and elegant that is made from pewter, brass, stainless steel and other simple metals. There are others that are shaped to look like other items, like miniature baseballs, footballs or forks and spoons. The sky is the limit to what the handles can be made to resemble. They are also offered in a variety of finishes, to compliment a decor.

Deciding on which of the many drawer handles to choose can be difficult because there are so many choices. Taking a few things into consideration will help to narrow the choice. What will it be used for? If it is for kitchen drawers, than knowing that the kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home should persuade leaning toward more durable types. If the they are for a dresser that was refinished trying to match the them to the period that the dresser comes from is a good idea, of if the dresser will be used in a child’s room one of the more whimsical options might be a good choice. If they will be used on a bathroom vanity then choosing something that will be durable and moisture resistant might be the right way to go.

The cost of these handles can be really outrageous, the more ornate and unique they are the more expensive they are going to be. Clearly a budget is always important, so finding something that will fit in the price range that was set is probably going to narrow the choices down some.

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