How to Improve Your Jumping Ability For High Jump and Basketball

Chances are, you want to be able to jump higher. I mean, who would not want to, right? Whether you want to be able to dunk a basketball, block shots, or improve your high jump in Track & Field, there are many reasons to want to improve your jumping ability. With the right exercises and technique, soon you'll have an advantage on your competition.

How to improve your jumping ability.

"___ people can not jump". You often hear this common excuse people give for not being able to leap higher. It is completely untrue. There are people of all races out there who are able to dunk the ball. Sure, some lucky people are gifted with more "athletic" or "taller" genes, but anyone with the proper guidance and an actual desire to jump higher, can easily do so.

Simple exercises such as squats, which work your thigh and hip muscles, and calf raises can quickly increase the strength in your legs required to jump higher. You want to avoid too many repetitions and any other endurance exercises if you are trying to improve your jumping. Think about it: endurance athletes are skinny and have little muscle mass by comparison. What you want to do is combine strength and quickness to create explosion which is essentially how you "pop" off the ground.

Take a look at 5 foot 8 inch NBA player Nate Robinson, winner of two consecutive NBA slam dunk competitions and former high school track & field and football star … if he can do all those acrobatic dunks, then you can too. If you can not grow a foot taller overnight, then there is only one solution, and that's having the proper exercise routine.

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