The Internet And Earning Money

Does money drive you when looking at an Internet lifestyle? It's all about money, is not it !? Go on-line and make a fortune by tomorrow they all say. Who? They! 'They' is who ever sent you the most recent rags-to-riches story.

Have you noticed how all the emails and videos you receive are the same? Paraphrasing the old Dragnet tv show: "the names have been changed to protect the 'guilty' " (The original line really reads "… the innocent"!)

I receive literally hundreds of emails a week touting: "Use my secret formula _ _ _ _"; "Make 6 figures a week _ _ _ _"; "I'm the only one who knows about this and _ _ _", "Take me up on my offer or else _ _ _ _"; "was broke, living out of my car and about to lose everything when _ _ _ _" !; "Stay-At-Home Dad (Mom) Earns _ _ _ _"! "Internet Millionaire Looking For _ _ _ _"!, Etc. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks from your own experiences.

And let's not forget the obligatory screen shots showing full PayPal, ClickBank or bank account statements. Without I have a very specific reason not to, messages like these will all end up in the old bit bucket.

Now do not get me wrong, some or all of these stories may be true. After all, I can give you a true story of all the challenges going on in my life (the latest being a stroke).

Let's face it, every single one of us has faced, or is facing, one of life's daily hardships and any one of us could write that same story using our experiences. And I do not know about you but I get pretty tired of the same, almost exact, formulaic stories.

All we are doing here is chasing money. This is the wrong way to go about finding what you seek. What you really want is to attract money. Allow it to come to you.

"But how do we do that" you ask?

Let's stop and ask ourselves this question: 'is it really about money' ?. If you answered yes to that question, you may want to rethink it. The real reason for you to be on-line should be to fill a want or need.

What is money?

Simply put, it's just a flow of energy. Energy that allows you to accomplish what you want in life. We best acquire that energy by serving others, be they individuals, businesses or governments. We do this daily in our 9 to 5 jobs.

Every single one of us has wants and needs. You attract that 'energy' by solving problems and providing solutions for those needs and wants. And these solutions need not be groundbreaking.

We all have a different perspective on life and it's challenges. What this means is you have a unique way of solving those challenges, by allowing your 'difference' to shine through.

Stop trolling around the Warrior forum, writing down which technique is going to make you rich and buying every product which comes your way. I know all about that as I made it for far to long!

Stop, sit down and ask yourself these 2 questions ….

"What are the unique experiences I can offer?" …..

"What is the VALUE I can bring to the table?" …..

What is the need and how can I best help fill that need? What problem can I help solve using my unique perspective?

I mean, really sit there and do this exercise! In doing this your answers will help you attract what you desire – $$$$ – you will not have a need to chase them!

The name of the game is called …

Service: find a challenge people are facing and assist them in overcoming it.

Here are 10 needs to help get you started ( not in any order of importance ) …

First find as many people as you can, then ….

1) Emotional happiness – make them feel it.

2) Problem challenging them – help them fix it.

3) What do they want to do – teach them how.

4) Feel better, more physically attractive – show them how.

5) Make them feel safer in the day or night – how?

6) Make them laugh – One of the greatest medicines.

7) Life balance; we all want it – help them to find it.

8) Needs: nutritional, or … – help them satisfy them.

9) Make their life easier – teach them how to.

10) Life's dreams and goals – help them reach them.

I have no doubt you can add more to your own list based on your life experiences.

Take a stance, decide not to rest until you've done one, or more, of these 10 things. Then you will not need to work out where that next '$' is coming from.

Money will find it's way to you.

Get out there and help someone bring change to their life.

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