Murphy Robes – What to Consider Before Investing In Them

Many church choirs and clergy wear clerical outfits from Murphy Robes, but there are many features to consider when you are buying clergy clothes. When you are working with choirs, you could easily be working with 50 to 100 people who will all be wearing the same robes. You will need to make sure that you buy church robes that will fit for everyone in the choir, so you will need to find sizes where one size fits all. Before buying the robes for the choir or leaders in your church, make sure to take these features into consideration:


There may be symbolic meaning to some of the colors that are worn by the clergy. Make sure you check with the specific rules of your denomination to see if they have any specific regulations regarding the attire of your choir. Many of the clerical shirts are black, and there are some white shirts too. There are several other popular colors too, but black and white collared shirts are the most common colors.

Shipping Details

If you need your Murphy Robes fast, you’ll want to make sure that the company where you order can provide fast shipping services. Many online retailers offer next-day delivery at an additional charge, so you’ll be able to get a choir robe for the new person in your choir by this Sunday if you order a few days in advance!

Quality of the Fabric

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying clothes is in looking at the prices. You should never assume that you are simply paying for the brand name when you pay more money for clothes. Prices do make a difference in the quality of the product.

Murphy robes will use some of the highest quality fabrics available. The neck collar must be manufactured from the highest quality too. The neckline helps keep the rest of the robe looking sharp for many years. The neckline is the most important part of your garment, as it is always visible to the audience when singing in the choir or speaking in the pulpit.

The zippers need to be made of high quality materials too. While it may be okay for the zipper on your sweatshirt to break, you don’t want to replace zippers. The buttons on your clerical shirt need to be designed so that they don’t easily fall off.

You may spend more money on Murphy robes, but they will last much longer than some of the cheaper alternatives available today.

History of the Company and Brand

Many reputable clothing dealers will advertise how long they have been in business. Make sure that you work with a brand name that is probably still going to be in business five years from now.

When you are shopping for Murphy Robes, there are many important features you will want to consider. Clerical clothing can last for many years if you purchase products that are made of the highest quality.

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