Increase Your Finance Following Vastu Principles

Money is an important source of living without which we all are useless and to earn money we always struggle hard. But have we ever realize why some people able to save so much even after spending while some could not able to do so? Vastu defect is the main cause of such extravagant spending and threats like stealing and loss of money due to unnatural reasons. Being an essential source of living, care of money is important for which it has to be kept at right location for its constant increase and ever to prevent from the threat of theft.

Finance is one such reason we all survive and keep working for its increase as there is a quote which says like 'without money, no honey'. This is absolutely true but many of us even after working unable achieves the way we think and this may be due to Vastu defect at living place. It is also true that we can not get all riches sitting at home and doing nothing while struggling is our ordinal and to have the best out of our work conforming to Vastu is essential.

Vastu suggests some essential and most authentic ways to keep the finances at an increase and to secure from the theft or other mishap. Explore some Vastu tips to gain boost in wealth:

  • Keep the North-east portion of house clean, illuminated and empty. Any hindrance in this specific area ceases the growth of finances.
  • Locker or safe should be ideally kept in South-western part opening towards the North.
  • Under-water tank in North-east is good for the increase in wealth.
  • Avoid any kind of over-head tank in North-east.
  • Keep a tab on leaking taps and fix them immediately.
  • Entrance door should be clean and clutter free.

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