Living Simply – How Five Easy Steps Can Create More Space and Money in Your Life

Challenging Times

It's no secret, things are tough all over these days. Everywhere we look, no matter where we live, we see signs of a weakening global economy. Boarded up shops and homes keep growing in numbers as do people who are out of work or making much less money than they used to. As entrepreneurs, network marketers and home based business owners, the answer to today's touch economy may very well be to start living simply.


Minimalism is a concept that has grown in popularity in recent years. Basically, it is living life in as simple a manner as possible. This includes downsizing our budgets for many things. Living simply is more of a state of mind than anything else. Follow these five steps to begin to delve into the benefits of creating more space both in your life, your environment and your budget.

Five Steps to Simplicity

1. Start by de-cluttering your environment. This means going through closets, junk drawers and other areas where junk tends to end up being stored. Give away as much as you can to a charitable organization or hold a yard sale and turn some of that junk into cash.

2. While one of my clients was in the process of de-cluttering her bathroom closet, she realized she had a ton of fancy bath and spa products, samples or gift packages she had collected over the years. She decided to treat herself to a week straight of pampering herself with all these products while at the same time simplifying her environment. Find a similar way to make the process more fun and rewarding for yourself.

3. Spend some time thinking about your diet and consider where some of the excesses might be cut. Do you eat a lot of sugar? Take a ton of caffeine? Eat red meat every day? Perhaps by cutting back on some of these excesses, we not only reduce the impact we have on the environment around us, we also improve the way we look and feel physically.

4. This is a big one but one that I think is worth serious consideration: trade in that gas-guzzler for a smaller, more efficient car. Or better yet, sell the car and buy a bike. I know, it sounds drastic, but more and more people are discovering how much simpler, and less expensive, life can be on two wheels instead of four.

5. Stop shopping. If you are one of the many millions of people who head to the mall or mega-mart every weekend, replace that activity with something that feeds the soul. Take a nature hike or ride your bike through your favorite trail. Mediate or take a yoga class. Most of our spending is unnecessary and is the result of either boredom or some deer lacking in our life. Before making any purchases, find something in the home to get rid of. Do not bring anything new in without taking something else out.

Keeping It Simple

Living simply and spending less is a practice that will take time to master and implement. Be patient with yourself and do not go changing everything at once. As you take these steps, you'll soon see improvements in your health, your household budget and the success of your business.

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