The Benefits of Mahjong Games


Mahjong games owe their origin to China and they are played through use of tiles. It was not until in the 1920’s that its popularity in countries such as the US begun. It is an intelligence game and requires a high sense of concentration. While it is a difficult game to master and learn, once a player gets the idea behind it, it becomes easy to excel in a limitless manner. Ordinarily, these require four players and while this is the case, there are variations. There are several benefits associated with it and some of these are as highlighted below.

Treatment of Dementia

Mahjong games can be classed as cognitive games and researchers claim that it has the ability of treating dementia. It requires a high sense of concentration, planning, calculation skills and memory and as such, a player’s memory is always sharpened. Those people who play these games have the ability of developing cognitive measures and these effects last for a long duration if for any reason, they skip playing for a month.

Improvement of Cognitive Abilities

A large number of seniors suffer from dementia at one point in their life and by indulging in this they have a better chance of ensuring that this does not happen. This is because it sharpens memory skills and aids in keeping the mind sharp. In essence, they work in the same manner as crossword puzzles. It also improves the player’s ability to react to different types of situations and this increases the capability of making fast decisions. When this is employed in the right manner, it also translates to improved living skills among individuals suffering from dementia.

Social Outlet

This is seen as an ideal social outlet for people from all groups and especially seniors. Socialization is important for this group and because of the benefits mentioned earlier, this gives them the chance to enjoy this end. Whether they choose to play from a senior’s home or a nursing center, it serves the same purpose and this is seen as a major boost.


People from different age groups can enjoy the benefits associated with this sport. Children for instance, can learn how to play online. Due to the level of concentration it demands, it is seen as an ideal educational option for kids. What is more, it is seen as an ideal way of having fun while at the same time developing cognitive skills for this age group. In order to enjoy Mahjong games, one has to be calculating, strategic and lucky as well.


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