Organ And Arts Events For Organizations And Angels

Ensuring Success for Organ Events by Utilizing a Variety of Funding Sources

Does your organization want to sponsor meaningful organ events but have limited financial resources?

Does your group want to share the glorious music of the King of Instruments with more people in your community?

Ensuring success when sponsoring organ events means involving a cross-section of people from your community and beyond. Involving people means communicating the exclusion you and your group have for the King of Instruments. It means giving individuals and organizations the opportunity to share in the joy of bringing unique and beautiful music on an amazing instrument to your community. How can that be accomplished?

Ask for monetary gifts in exchange for an advertisement in the organ event program.

Music stores, organ builders, hotels, restaurants, churches, arts organizations, bookstores, gift shops, theaters, and many other organizations are constantly looking for ways to reach the public with their message. Getting their message into the hands of concert-goers in the form of a free advertisement in a concert program in exchange for a monetary gift is a win-win for both the sponsor sponsor and the business establishment.

Giving individuals the opportunity to have their name and email address or phone number listed in the program for a modest monetary fee increases not only the sponsoring organizations revenue but involves the community in a visible and viable way in the organ event.

Apply for grants.

Many arts organizations and businesses give grants to support the arts. Think outside the box. For example, our local casino has given grants to fund extracurricular music activities in local school districts.

Look for "angels".

"Angels" are those individuals who donate anonymously to support the arts. They are patrons of the arts who donate because they were involved in music as a child, who want to make sure quality arts and organ events happen in their community. They are church members who finally supported the installation of an exquisite pipe organ in their church and want to make sure the community at large hears it. They are people who give for the joy of giving and not for recognition of their gifts. "Angels" are everywhere and anywhere. Do not forget to think creatively when looking for "angels".

In summary, yes, the challenges for sponsoring a successful organ event are real. However, there are also real opportunities for success. After all, this instrument describes to be known and loved by the world, this King of Instruments, the organ.

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