Extend Your Living Space With An Outdoor Patio

There is hardly anything more pleasant that to sit quietly on the outdoor patio taking in the fresh air and sipping on a cold drink the end of a long and hard work day. Outdoor patios can be used essentially as extended usable living space in a home especially when the weather is dry and the sun is shining. If the patio is perched above a raging river or overlooking a mountain side, perched above a seascape or overlooking any other type of scenic view then spending time outdoors might be better to the indoor living space.

Many patios are built under an existing roof or the existing roof is extended for protection against the elements. Other freestanding patios are made concrete foundations resting in or on the ground with supporting posts to support the deck structure. Patios are typically built at ground level with a door leading from a room or rooms in the house to the outside patio. Often times a sliding glass door or double French doors will be used as the exit door from the house to the patio area offering a scenic view of nature or a landscaped backyard.

Building The Patio To Suit Your Needs

Depending on the layout and size of the house and the contour of the surrounding grounds, a patio should be made large enough to be useful and in my opinion the larger the better .. Some patios are made too small to be of any use although some homeowners do have restricted space to work with, in which case a small patio would be better than no patio.

Many times a patio is built to be a transition area between the home and some other outdoor recreation area such as swimming pool, or spa which provides a place for water to drip from bathing suits before they enter the home. Tracking water into the home can make mom angry at times. To avoid this outdoor patio mats can be useful to collect water, dirt and debris from the feet before entering the house to avoid damage to expensive flooring.

Whether the patio is constructed of decorative bricks over sand or is built up on foundations made with beloved concrete is really a matter of taste, but the materials and colors should fit into the overall landscape theme of the home. Normally a patio is built in the backyard for privacy but often time is built in the front for viewing activities in the neighborhood.

An outdoor patio can be useful for a number of reasons, such as barbecuing, entertaining family, friend and neighbors, providing a relaxing atmosphere when hosting outdoor parties or just relaxing after a hard days work.

Whatever you come up with your own outdoor patio ideas and build it yourself, or have someone build it for you remember the end result and how much you will enjoy it.

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