How to Get a Quality Food For a Budget Wedding Reception

If you ask anyone who has attended a wedding as to what he remembers the most about it, the answer would either be the dress or the food. Which just answers your expectation – that what people say about the food you have on your wedding either makes your wedding a success or not. Do you think you can still provide good food for your guests at your budget wedding reception?

Definitely. Even if you do not have enough money for your wedding, you can still have a budget wedding reception that will have great food. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

* Have your reception at your backyard or living room – instead of paying for the rental fees for a venue, spend the cash on your food instead.

* Book a caterer during off peak seasons or on weeknights – everyone knows that booking off- peak seasons would mean getting discounts but also know that you can get the same discounts when you book your wedding reception on a weeknight. Simply because you most caterers are busy and booked on weekends and will not have much bookings on weeknights.

* Opt for smaller portions – having a buffet table does not mean that it should have huge amount of servings. This will not be practical since your female guests would be watching what they eat and your male guests would not even dare eat all the food on your buffet table.

* Have the Menu Changed – if you do not have enough budget for cocktail buffets or served dinners, do not get one. You can have a brunch instead of having lunch. You can also opt to have the reception at 2 in the afternoon and just prepare desserts and champagne for your guests.

There are more ways for you to have great food to serve your guests at a budget and the trick that you will need is to do something with the extra savings you can get and how you make use of it to have a budget wedding reception feel like a food fest.

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