Online Art and Design Degree

The career in art & design has come a long way from the days when it was only limited to painting and designing architecture. The talent of art along with digital revolution has flung the door of numerous career opportunities in the art industry. Increasing demands in every field of work, be it web designing, fashion, architecture, film making, acting, etc. are giving plenty of reasons to pursue a variety of degree courses in art and design from recognized universities. Online program in art & design is one of them, which is one of the most preferred programs these days by youth in the United States juggling personal and professional commitments.

If we look at the present scenario very carefully, it is not just the inclining towards art of individuals but the growing scope that is inspiring large number of people to obtain an online degree in art & design. In fact, as per recent observations made by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, of all the different professions related to art field, graphic design is expected to have the most job opportunities through 2014. Add to this, employment of artists and related workers is also projected to increase by 16 percent by 2016, which is faster than the national average for all other professions. Moreover, other fields of art are anticipated to grow drastically in the next few years. As a result to meet these growing demands, these days many art & design schools in the United States are providing different online degree programs in art and design.

The best benefit of selecting these online degree programs in art and design is it gives students the freedom to have an easy method of study. Apart from this, the largest benefit of learning online degree is it also offers students the best option to learn and inherent technical components that many employers generally look for in a qualified employee. All the programs are specific and are meant to specialize professionals in relevant fields of art industry. Some of the programs focusing specific streams is computer aided designing, fashion designing, graphic design, music, film making, recording arts, photography and many more. Adding to this, individuals who are looking forward making a career in the fields associated with the Internet, such as graphic design, animation or some types of illustration in the United States can find this program more beneficial.

As far as job prospects are concerned, one can obtain a degree either in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA). In fact, these days four-year program in art and design is becoming the benchmark for entry-level positions in different fields in art & design industry. In terms of income, employees with professional training in art & design get salary dependent upon talent, organization and location. While average annual income of an art director is $ 83,230, the multi-media artists / animators get annual salary of $ 61,010.

Today, if we look at the present scenario, the art and design industry in the United States is constantly evolving. As a result, an individual who continues his / her education or earns a degree in art and design may be better equipped to lead and enjoy a career in art and design industry. No doubt, there are several routes to make a career in art & design but choosing the right online program can help you to land on the successful and right path.

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