Catch Baseball Fever With Cleveland Indians Tickets

Cleveland Indians tickets are the perfect way to enjoy a game of cutting edge baseball. In recent times, the team has worked its way through a slump to notch up a Central Division Title win in 2001. The current roster shows a healthy mix of young and veteran players that are sure to shine on the field.

The Indians are part of the Major League in baseball and are affiliated with the American League and the Central Division. Their team is often referred to as The Tribe by fans and has a franchise record of 8075 wins and 7711 losses.

From The Blues To The Indians

The team started out as the Cleveland Blues in 1901 and went through a number of name changes before settling on the Cleveland Indians in 1915. Popular legend has it that the name was taken in honor of one of its most famous players Louis Sockalexis, who was Native American. In actuality, the name was thought up by local newspapers.

The Indians established themselves as middle runners till 1946. The Indians faced a number of tragedies along the way, like losing Ray Chapman due to a ball that fractured his skull and extremely killed him. By 1947 however, the team had become a solid body, consisting of mainly young players. The Indians soon distinguished themselves by not only breaking the color barrier, but by also winning the first one-game playoff in American League history to enter the World Series.

Curses And Controversies

By then, Cleveland Indians tickets were becoming a popular item among baseball fans everywhere. However things began to dim for the team in 1960, when Rocky Colavito was traded, sealing the fate of the Indians for the next 30 years. In what has become infamous as one of the worst trades in baseball, the Curse of Rocky Colavito kept the Indians in the cellar. They were unable to post a positive win on the field and ownership of the team kept changing hands.

It would not be until 1994 that things began to change for the better. In 2001, the team managed to win a Central Division Title and posted the largest comeback in Major League baseball in their game against the Seattle Mariners. The game is fondly remembered as The Impossible Return by baseball enthusiasts and fans.

In the recent years, the team has been criticized for its name and especially its logo as being offensive to Native American sensibilities. While the name and logo may have been perceived as harmless a hundred years ago, Native American groups today feel that it perpetuates damaging stereotypes. This however, has not deterred fans from buying Cleveland Indians tickets to go for the games.

The Cleveland Indians have a proud number of Baseball Hall of Fame players to their name. Some of the largest names in baseball like Nap Lajoie, Lou Boudreau, Early Wynn, Cy Young and Joe Sewell are all former Indians. So the next time you want to watch some baseball played Cleveland Indian style, get some Cleveland Indians tickets for a game near you. You can purchase those tickets online too from an authorized ticket vendor.

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