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Business Process Management – Streamline Your Business

What is Business Process Management? To stay competitive in the marketplace a business needs to be cost effective. This is largely accomplished by streamlining the operations of the business and making sure the processes are running at peak efficiency. All businesses run via processes and Business Process Management (BMP) is a technology developed to give

Start Your Own Photography Business from Home

Anyone with the right camera equipment, and the necessary skills can set up a home business, marketing photography. You need only to convert a room of your house into an office, and then you can work immediately. With modern technology in the form of SLR digital cameras, you do not even need the room for

Contemporary Business Models

Nowadays, many individuals have decided to go into business. A lot of business ventures are available such as investing in restaurants. You could begin such a venture using cash that you have gotten from various sources. One great source is using merchant cash advance companies to get restaurant finance. At times, raising the required amount

Business Valuation Planning

Business valuation is very important for a business owner as it gives a clear picture of the company's strength, weaknesses and progress. Determining the value of a business is considered necessary for various purposes such as estate planning, business succession planning, loan application, buy-sell funding, charitable giving and financing. In order to optimize business value

Business Model Innovation

What is business model innovation (BMI)? BMI is about finding new ways to add value to a business in the face of rapidly changing circumstances – economic, social, environmental, technological and political, global, national and local. People have been devising innovative ways to do business for centuries. The explosion in the breadth, scope and power

Business Grants For Pet Lovers

Great news for animal lovers! There are free business grants available for you to do what you love…care for animals. A great way to earn extra cash these days, while spending quality time with those four legged furry friends is to start your own pet sitting business. Millions of people who love their pets, but

Create Your Own Home Business

A home business is by far the best way to support yourself if you just cannot stand working for others for less money than you need to survive. It’s also the best way to get out of a good paying job that just takes up too much of your precious short life working for someone

Business & Money

Business & Money – inextricably linked according to our latest survey of subscribers. 50% of you who responded want a successful business with over 27% of you wanting to run a successful business that you can work on, and travel with, anywhere in the world. Trailing in way behind was “a million pound property portfolio”

SAP Business One

My experience with SAP Business One Before I share my experience; with SAP Business One as a software product; let me share why I chose SAP Business One. With over 19 years of experience in IT and over 9 years in International Business Development, I thought my career was becoming monotonous. I felt a need

Business Plan Executive Summary – What is It?

First, what the executive summary is NOT: o It's not an overture or a prelude to the main body of the business plan – something that introduces the theme of the plan and sets the mood with sweeping imagery and generalities about "opportunity," "innovation," and "meeting needs". o It's not only for summaries about the