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Answers to Seven Top Health Myths

1) If I become unhealthy, there is a chemical that can cure me. Your unhealthy signs are symptoms. High cholesterols, high blood pressure, cancers, and many diseases can be reduced with a chemical, or surgical protocol. But the underlying reason behind these symptoms may or may not be removed, and the ‘cure’ may cause new

Health Improvements for Your Family

Your husband always seems tired. Your son is always hungry. And your daughter? Well, she goes through enough hair products to try to make her hair look healthier, that you’re sure all the chemicals she’s using are going to make her go bald. So, what if there was a way you could increase your husband’s

Health Begins With Water

Health begins with water. Since the body is made mostly of water (about 70%), all body functions are dependent on water. I guess you could call water a universal solvent. Most nutrients with the exception of fats are dissolved in water, transported in the water-based blood system and used by water-filled cells. And, because the

Salt Awareness

Salt is made up of two components, sodium and chloride. 40% of it is sodium and 60% is chloride. Sodium is a mineral that is not produced by the body, overall it can only be found in food. Sodium has a variety of functions including nerve function control, as well as managing the sodium/potassium pump.

Understanding Health Insurance in Virginia

Health insurance remains one of the most talked about topics when it comes to products that are indispensable for residents of Virginia. With continued increase in healthcare costs, the importance of health insurance plans keeps increasing. It goes without saying that residents of Virginia without insurance coverage are at a greater risk of experiencing financial

Fitness for Kids – Top 10 Tips

1) Learn a New Sport With the grown in status and awareness of sports such as golf and tennis, get your kids involved in a new sport. In addition to increasing activity and creating a spark of interest, sports will always increase a child's coordination, movement patterns and build confidence with their peers. Sports such

Reducing Body Fat through Fitness at Home

Exercising at home is often the last place you think about when it comes to losing weight, staying fit and just generally maintaining an active lifestyle. In reality, the home has to be one of the most effective and convenient locations to exercise. We spend many ‘dead’ hours in our home, doing next to nothing,