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Cigarette Baseball Cards Best Known For T206 Set

Perhaps no other sports collectible is as revered as the cigarette baseball cards produced in the late 18th and early 19th century. Still striking in appearance, even today, these vintage cards were landmark at the time of issue and considered the gold standard among today's sports card collectors. While sets like Allen & Ginter and

Playing The Wrong Type Of Baseball

Unfortunately, since I'm a rabid St. Louis Cardinals fan, the 2011 Cardinals are a prime example of playing the wrong type of baseball in the wrong league. What do I mean by that statement? The Cardinals have played good old fashioned American league baseball of moving base to base, one at a time in a

Baseball Hitting Tips

Here are some of the many questions: How long should it be? What direction should it go? Would it be best to eliminate it? One thing is for sure: The stride, done poorly, will often do more harm than good. Here are some of those issues: Over-striding, stepping the bucket, and not getting the foot

Core Strength and Power for Baseball

Baseball is sport unlike any other. The balance of core strength and stabilization, with core power makes training for baseball a very complex idea. Yet, core strength and core power in baseball are both highly desired traits. In this article, we will discuss proven strategies for improving strength and power in the core region, as