Are Computers Female?

Computers, like ships, boats and yachts, must be female. They all need a lot of loving and sometimes need to be shouted at, they often have problems depending on the time of the month, and all of them need a lot of money spent on them regularly. Do you remember the time when only pretty

Laptop Computers and Manufacturers

Computers and laptops have drastically evolved over the years. Our society has become very dependent on them for many tasks. They are useful to complete personal tasks, school work and business ventures. They keep track of files, folders, papers, accounts and much more. The internet allows access to a vast amount of information on anything

Distinction Between Mixed Media And Multimedia Art

There’s an essential distinction between “mixed media” artworks and “multimedia art”. Mixe media does mean a work of visual art that mixes different traditionally unique visual art media. For instance, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage could well be called a “mixed media” work and not a work of “multimedia art.”

How Do I Get Rid of Ads on My Computer?

If you have an adware infection on your computer, you know it: the constant advertisements are a tell-tale sign. Nobody likes these things, so let’s take a look at what they are, how to get rid of them! How Does Adware Get On My Computer Anyway? Short answer: By using it. Long answer: There are

Art and Drama Classes For Home School

We all agree that a well-rounded curriculum is key to the success of any home school program. Math, Science, History, Social Studies, etc are fairly easy to incorporate into our studies but how do we give our children exposure to art and drama if we ourselves are not creative? Do we have the budget for

How to Look at Art

Have you ever wondered what an Artist had in mind when he / she creates a work of art? The Artist may indeed have strong feelings about what he / she is making to show the rest of the world. Is it important for you to know what he had in mind? Does that make