Mastering Graffiti Art

Graffiti art does not just mean art we see sprayed on walls. In fact, graffiti art has such strong characteristics that it's easy to spot them everywhere – in schools, on sidewalks, on bicycles, on automobiles, on skateboards and on textbooks, just to name a few examples. Graffiti art has a loose feel about it.

Music and Art of the Philippines

Filipino music and art have both been influenced by the cultures that have migrated to this nation. The first type of music that developed in the Philippines was indigenous music brought here by native tribes that migrated from Taiwan. There are three basic groups of indigenous music styles: southern styles, northern styles and other styles.

Principles of Art

There are five basic principles of art whosoever must consider decorating a room so that the result would be attractive. These are: 1- Proportion 2. Balance Harmony 4. Rhythm 5. Emphasis Let explain one by one to the above Art Principles . 1-Proportion: The proportion principle is now and then called code of relations. It

Introduction To Dance

Dance Dancing is generally considered an art because there are specific steps or foot movements that need to be observed and followed when one is dancing to a certain type of music. Grace as well as skill is essential for a professional dancer in their performances. Though not everyone is gifted with the elegance required

Fashion Styles of the Hijab

The hijab is required dress for many Muslin women and is available in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles, which lets the women adapt the look of the hijab to match a particular style choice or occasion. Also, the hijab style can differ quite quite around the different regions of the world. Here are

Plus Size Fashion Tips For Teenagers

Just because you are a plus-sized teen does not mean you can not be a fashion queen! Check out some of these style tips: Do not Hide Under Baggy Clothes The biggest fashion mistake that plus-sized teens make is hiding themselves under layers of over sized, baggy clothing. The intention is to conceive their extra

History of Artificial and Fashion Jewelry

Business of jewelery is an emerging business in India these days. As everyone knows that India was known as Bird of gold, so India is the origin of gold jewelery. Apart from that the trend is moving towards Artificial Jewelery. In today's world the teens are more interested in fashion jewelery. Business of jewelery is

Top 10 Womens Fashion Tips For Summer

Summer is a great time of year. The weather is warm, the days are longer and many of us get to spend a week or two relaxing on holiday. There are often weddings, parties, balls and barbeques to attend in the summer giving us a great opportunity to get dressed up. Summer is also a