Are Your Skincare Products Killing You?

The skincare industry is a huge industry, worth billions of dollars, and one of the most profitable industries in the world. So you think they'd be producing highly effective skincare products that did what they say they do, totally safely. After all, who wants to be smearing something on their face that is not healthy, and may be downright dangerous?

Not me you say, despite the fact that this is probably what you're doing right now if you're using one of the many mainstream skincare products on your face. After all, a large percentage of the population, particularly women of course, is aging and is concerned about skin health and the appearance of aging skin and everything that goes with that, including wrinkles and lines around our eyes, bags, spots and any one of the other various afflictions that is a result of the aging process on our skin. We have to do something about that, do not we?

And of course our skin is porous, and so much of what we put on it ends up inside our bodies, just as if we had ateen it. So if smearing a skincare product on our face is akin to eating it, are the main skincare products safe to eat?

What exactly are these skin care companies putting in all those creams and cleansers and moisturizers and all those other skincare products out there that we're putting on our skin? Well lets have a look at just a few of the ingredients that are found in some or most of the most common anti aging products on the shelves for us to choose from.

Parabens. These are used generally as a conservative in our skin care products, and studies have suggested that they can cause cancer.

Triclosan. Used in weed killers. Classified by the EPA as a probably human carcinogen.

"Fragrances" which can refer in general terms to one or more of thousands of various chemicals, some of which have been shown to cause depression and hyperactivity and can affect our nervous system. And worse. Many can contain Toluene, made from petroleum or coal tar with links to anemia and other effects on the body.

And that's just 3, there's a stack more chemical products contained in your average mainstream skincare products, some quite nasty. If you do not believe me just Google them or check them on Wikipedia.

So now you do not want to use skincare products any more? Well there is an alternative of course. That's high quality skincare products made from all natural ingredients that are known to be safe enough to eat, and to smear on our skin. Effective, and not likely to make us regret the fact that we've used them.

We just have to be sure we make some informed choices when we make our next purchase of a skincare or antiaging product.

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