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Drive Your Dealership’s Sales With Mobile Marketing

The automobile industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors in the recent economic recession. However, automobile dealerships have proven time and again over the past one hundred years to be incredibly resilient and capable of changing with the times. Embracing new technologies such as mobile marketing has been one of the reasons for

What Is a Marketing Plan?

Unfortunately, if you build it they will come not to apply to selling your product. Interested new customers in an unknown brand or product requires strategy. Read on to learn what is a marketing plan and how to outline yours. Your marketing plan will help you assess customer demand, discover distribution channels and pinpoint the

It’s About Time To Get Into Mobile Marketing

In business, reaching out to your target market is one of the primary functions of marketing. The traditional way of promoting a product or service is through print and media, but when desktop computers, laptops, and lately tablet computers, and smart phones become widely used, marketing did not fail to keep up. Now, besides online