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NHL Realignment Explained

During the 2012-13 regular season of yesteryear, the NHL and the NHLPA agreed to a restructuring of the league’s divisions. The new NHL Realignment is a drastic departure from the old system of 6 divisions split equally into 2 conferences. When the 2013-14 NHL regular season begins there will be 4 divisions. In the East

Ping Pong, My Favorite Sport

Most of us love outdoor games and recreation. Basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, you name it. But if you are interested in playing without having to go out of doors, then ping pong or table tennis is for you.  It has the same basics with tennis but instead of playing in the court, you are playing

How to Overcome a Sports Injury?

It has been an interesting road for pitcher Jeremy Sheehan. Going from a high school pitcher that had to end the customary career ending Tommy John surgery to baseball scholarships and now becoming the Ace of his college team. He attributes the injury to stimulating him to work hard enough to improve his strength and

ATV Trails at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park

The Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park can be found in Alexander County, North Carolina. This park is friendly to ATV riders, Motorcycle riders, and UTV riders and has been in business for several years. Most of the trails are marked one way which keeps riders from playing chicken head-on which is very nice. Motorcycle riders

Why Team Sports Are So Important

Sports go beyond providing you with a means of developing your body. It is different from exercising because you derive a sense of satisfaction from what you are doing. Team sports come with many benefits that can be explored. Parents should allow their kids partake in team sports rather than opt for personal glory with

Effect of Hormones on Diet Intake-Sports

Testosterone Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted from the Leydig cells of the testes that has both anabolic and anticatabolic effects upon muscle tissue. Dietary nutrients, in particular fat, have been shown to affect testosterone. Individuals consuming a diet containing about 20% fat compared with a diet containing 40% fat have significantly lower concentrations of