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How to Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver

Aggressive driving is the reckless or negligent behavior of one driver in an attempt to threaten or irritate another person. Often, drivers respond to their own negative feelings and their annoyance at other drivers by driving aggressively. However, these tactics can lead to serious accidents, resulting in injuries and damage to property. Aggressive Driving Behavior

Steering Clear of Fake Gucci Sunglasses

Some people will say that when you don a pair of Gucci sunglasses, you will never want to go for another brand – more so a cheaper or unbranded pair. There is something about a pair of Gucci sunglasses that leave you looking better and feeling very sophisticated and glamorous even if you are jut

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools have been a raging success in the last few years and they have given traditional tools a run for their money. That’s how technology works; something better gets introduced and replaces the older form, completely or partially. But every latest product isn’t always the best, sometimes it works for you and sometimes

Sculpture Anyone?

Are you experimenting and looking for another art outlet? Have you considered sculpting? Sculpture has been with us for as long as man has been in existence. Archeologists have located many wooden, clay, and stone objects used by early human inhabitants of earth. There are collections of both art and craft articles which were made

The Cool Uncle’s Guide to Gift Giving

If you are anything like me, you are really bad at buying gifts for kids. So, it’s your little nephew or niece’s birthday, and you don’t know what to get them? Well before you go pottering about the mall like a confused water buffalo; take a gander at some of these ideas on how to