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Day Trading Tips to Turn Amateurs Into Pros

Day trading can be a thrilling way to make money. But it’s more challenging than most beginners think. Here are some day trading tips that can help the new trader as well as the more advanced trader to achieve your goals faster. First: Be careful not to over trade. The majority of the time the

How to Calculate the Intrinsic Value of Stocks Like Warren Buffett

One of the most sought after calculations in all of investing is Warren Buffett’s intrinsic value formula. Although it may seem elusive to most, for anyone that’s studied Buffett’s Columbia Business Professor, Benjamin Graham, the calculation becomes more obvious. Remember the intrinsic value formula that Buffett uses is an embellishment of Graham’s ideas and fundamentals.

What You Need to Know About Your Investment

All forms of investment share the same objective: to make them grow over time. But while we keep these objectives intact, we also need to think further to achieve this objective. First of all, you need to know the objective of your investment, is it long term or short term determine? Many investors are worried

Five Good Reasons to Invest in Stocks Longer Term

Most average stock market investors would probably be considered long term investors for a couple of logical reasons. Why? Because … 1) They typically are not as attuned to or interested in the stock market and its daily market fluctuations as shorter term traders are, 2) They typically stick with a particular stock purchase regardless

Real Estate v Stock as an Investment

If you do a search on the Internet, you will discover that the majority of articles argue that stocks have smashed real estate as a long-term investment. They will quote statistics by various companies which are totally focused on stocks. The bias is blatant. While there clearly are years in which stocks have out performed

Why Should You Invest in a Mutual Fund?

There is not a single investment type that does not come with some kind of risk. In other words, every investment type has its own merits and demerits; mutual fund investment is no different. There are definitely some risks associated with this kind of investment, but the intensity of those risks is much lower than

Understanding a Financial Report

Publicly traded companies produce three commonly used financial reports: 1. Balance Sheet 2. Income Statement 3. Statement of Cash Flow Generally all three are part of the quarterly and annual financial statements. Let's discuss the Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet contains what is owned (assets), what is owed (liabilities), and what, it anything is left