Server Rack and How to Take Care of It for Optimal Benefit

A server rack needs to be used correctly so that you can get the best results. In this article we offer you tips on how to take care of your server racks and also what features to look for to get the best from it.

Cooling options:
Quality server racks provides the correct air flow to remove excess heat that is generated by servers and related accessories. Since many of today's servers take in cool air from the front and blow the hot air out, the front and rear doors are normally made with a perforated steel panel that allows air flow while maintaining security. Cooling fans can also be used to facilitate proper air flow. Depending on the system, fan trays can be used at the bottom or top of the rack or incorporated rackmount or door fans to increase the airflow from the front of the rack to the back. It is very important to evaluate the airflow into the room and the temperature to create a proper balance of hot and cold air and eliminate potential dead air space.

Appropriate plugs and power outlets:
A rack should also be used with a compatible powerstrip or power distribution unit. It is very important to check the total amp rating to prevent an accidental overload. Using a wrong type powerstrip or overloading, it will cause serious damage if not destroy the servers. Typical power is typically 15 or 20 amp and made to fit into a server rack as either a vertical or rackmount powerstrip. Using the correct type vertical or rackmount powerstrips teamed with your racks, can keep your servers running with much less downtime.

PDUs for uniform power distribution:
The PDU, power distribution unit, is an important device for proper distribution of power in the rack, where higher amperage output is required. Quality PDU's can be accessed remotely, range from 15 to 30 amps and can be mount vertically or rackmounted.

Use all these guidelines to protect your server rack and get optimal benefit from it and further avoid server related problems.

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