4 Common Financial Institutions That Offer Mortgage Loans


Since purchasing a house or any property is very costly, many homeowners resort to using various institutions that are willing to extend assistance through financing. These institutions include the following: a mortgage company, a mortgage broker, a credit union, and a commercial bank.

A mortgage loan is an agreement secured when somebody borrows money from any lending entity for the purpose of acquiring a property. With the use of a mortgage note, the lender is given full authority to seize the loaned property in the event that there is failure to settle up the money lent over a given grace period. Thus, it is important to check as many times as you can the stipulations stated in the loan agreement. The interest rates, due schedules, and extent of validity must be taken into consideration before you commit to a particular creditor. At present, there are various financing organizations that offer financial assistance in the form of loans. They are as follows:

A mortgage company

Although there are several companies that grant loans for property purchases, it is advisable to choose the one that has flexible payment options and affordable interest rates. Since most of these lenders do not have fixed rate, you need to carefully decide which one addresses your specific needs. Do not be deceived by offers that are tempting enough to entice potential customers.

Mortgage broker

A broker acts as the intermediary between the mortgagee and the mortgagor. Being connected with various financing creditors, they are given a percentage or a corresponding fee in exchange for bringing in customers. Since a separate fee is required, first you need to know who will shoulder the fee’lender or the borrower. Transactions made with a broker will mean additional expenses and could make them more expensive than working directly with the financiers.

A credit union

Credit unions are small financial institutions, such as mutual savings organizations and cooperatives. Most are privately owned and have their own set of policies. The credit union’s purpose is to provide assistance to those seeking financial services. Since these are smaller, as compared to banks, the rates are often much lower and more reasonable.

A commercial bank

A type of bank that has diverse services, such as savings, checking, time deposits, and stock markets, a commercial bank’s specialization might be so vast that it includes loan grants, insurance trusts, a brokerage, bonds, safety deposit boxes, and other similar features. Ensure that the commercial banker’s rates are competitive and realistic, so that you can take advantage of the best deal you available to you.

Whatever property you are planning to buy through financial institutions, it is always prudent that you review every single clause that is presented in the agreement. This will guard you from staying close to unscrupulous investors that may take advantage of your situation.


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