Christian Time Management in 7 Easy Steps


As a Christian – Time management is more than a day-planner or a set schedule. It’s about having an eternal focus with daily resolve.

Here are 7 quick tips to help you manage each day with less effort.

Keep life simple. Fight the nasty spirits of overwhelm, distraction and complication. As you go through each day, if you just master a fraction of what you set out to, you will markedly enhance your productivity. As a Christian, time management is really about direction.

Be a “Do”er. A very small percentage of the world takes action and when they do it’s in very incremental ways that just advances them a tiny little step. If something in your life strikes a chord with you, RUN, don’t walk! You have righteous intentions. It’s almost impossible to fail if you are always doing things with the right intent!

Less can be more. The world knows how to push our buttons and keep us on its pace. The reality is that almost everything can wait. Understand that the important decisions in life stand out and you don’t need to pay attention to every sense of urgency that’s around you. So look for those sources of manufactured urgency and start recognizing them now. Think perpetual 1-day sales, cat-callers at the mall, unexpected notices from professionals you haven’t been in touch with for services you aren’t clear on.

Get rid of junk. Whether it’s your office, computer, refrigerator, closet or car, get organized and trim the fat from your life. Get rid of the useless stuff that has accumulated. If you can’t quickly tell yourself that it’s providing value to you or someone else in your life in a good way, it’s got to go! Time Management is also about environment management.

Take it one step at a time. Most people today don’t finish books they buy because their focused on the end, not the page in front of them. That’s the difference between you and them. You’re going to succeed in what you do by moving forward one step at a time and understanding that the “next big thing” that may catch everyone else’s eye isn’t going to be better for you. It’s just going to hinder you from moving forward. Most people get caught in cycles of taking on too many projects and never finishing one.

Make sense of everything! If you have pads, put them next to the pencils, if you spend too much time making dinner, find something else to cook! Begin to rethink time right now! Your goal is clarity, freedom and a shift away from the abuse of your precious time. As Christians we know there isn’t a second chance at life… lets manage time right now.

Believe! Belief is the most powerful and influential weapon that God has given us to overcome any battle that we are going to win. As you move forward in this journey, go into it with the expectation that it’s already done. Jesus told us to pray like our prayers have been answered and our belief in righteous undertakings should be the same way. Set the inevitable conditions for success!

That’s it… these tips will help keep our focus of Christian Time Management right where it belongs.


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